Strategy and Values


In the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, our work is based on six core values.


  • We have a high level of professionalism, which we develop
  • We are objective, reflective, and deliver faithfully and on time
  • We are non-aligned politically and truthful
  • We learn from our mistakes


  • We make a difference to consumers and companies
  • We create visible results and set a clear agenda
  • We are efficient, dynamic and prioritise based on maximum effect

Job satisfaction

  • We recognise each other’s efforts and grow together
  • We have influence over our own work and work-life balance
  • We are committed, and maintain good spirits and a good tone


  • We trust each other and respect differences
  • We provide constructive feedback
  • We share knowledge and use each other's skills constructively


  • We pick up signals and are inspired by the world around us
  • We have overview and perspective in our work


  • We seek and appreciate the input of others
  • We are professional, decent and show integrity
  • We listen and are constructive