In the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, our work is based on six core values.


  • We maintain a high standard of professionalism
  • We are objective, reflective and deliver on time
  • We are committed to continuous improvement


  • We make a difference for consumers and businesses
  • We produce visible and agenda-setting results
  • We are effective, incisive and set priorities based on our objectives

Job satisfaction

  • We recognise each other's efforts and provide good opportunities for development
  • We have influence on our own work and maintain a sound work-life balance
  • We are dedicated, embrace a positive mindset and good workplace tone


  • We seek out and value input from others
  • We are receptive and constructive
  • We are forthcoming and transparent in our communication


  • We maintain overview and perspective in our work
  • We pick up signals and draw inspiration from our surroundings
  • We keep ourselves up-to-date and think ahead


  • We place trust in each other and respect diversity
  • We help each other and give constructive feedback
  • We share knowledge and draw on each other's competences