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Here, the Danish Water Regulatory Authority publishes benchmarking results

The Danish Water Regulatory Authority benchmarks drinking and waste water companies' costs in TOTEX benchmarking model which includes both the companies' operating and capital expenditures. The benchmarking of drinking water and waste water companies is done every second year.

Using the benchmarking model, each company's potential for efficiency improvements is calculated. Based on the potential for efficiency improvements, the Danish Water Regulatory Authority sets individual requirements for efficiency improvement, which are part of the companies' revenue cap. Together with a general efficiency requirement for all companies disregarding the benchmarking results, the benchmarking ensures that water companies continuously become more efficient.

In addition to the annual benchmarking, the Danish Water Regulatory Authority is developing the benchmarking model when necessary.

The Danish Water Regulatory Authority’s benchmarking follows these deadlines every year:

Time Activity
March 1 to April 15 2019 

Reporting for benchmarking (and the revenue cap)

August 1 2019

The methodology for benchmarking is announced

October 15 2019

All companies have received their revenue cap with individual requirements for efficiency improvements