Here you will find the most recent decisions concerning matters of competition.

JP/Politiken withdraws merger with Børsen

24. January 2017

JP/Politikens Hus A/S has dropped its proposed merger with Dagbladet Børsen. Consequently, the Danish Competition Council stops the review of the merger notification. The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has expressed serious concerns about the merger. If the merging parties cannot accommodate competition concerns by offering appropriate commitments, the merger shall be prohibited.

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority launches draft guidelines on joint bidding under competition law

27. June 2017

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has published draft guidelines on joint bidding consortia. The draft guidelines contain, inter alia, information on the assessments undertakings shall make when they consider bidding for a contract together with one or more undertakings.

Danish consumer conditions ranked average in Europe

15. June 2017

Denmark is ranked average when Danish consumers are asked about their experiences with consumer conditions. Among 10 European countries Danish consumer conditions are ranked fifth when looking at 42 markets. Danish consumer conditions are ranked below average in 36 of 42 markets.

Danish Competition Council launches study on the pension market

12. June 2017

Danish Competition Council launches study on the pension market. The Danish pension sector administers around 4.000 bn. DKR and consumer mobility seems very limited. The new study will take in the entire market. This includes both private pensions and collective labour market pensions.

Olympus Danmark A/S, Denmark, pays fine in settlement for resale price maintenance

18. April 2017

On 6 April 2017, Olympus Danmark A/S entered into a settlement with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority for infringing section 6 of the Danish Competition Act by imposing a type of resale price maintenance. Accordingly Olympus Danmark A/S accepted to pay a fine of DKK 3,600,000 (€ 484,000).

Danish Competion Council: Serious problems on the market for medicines to pharmacies

14. October 2016

Two wholesalers account for almost all medicine to pharmacies. New wholesalers have failed to establish a foothold in the market and the competition on price among wholesalers appears to be is suspended. This entails higher prices and increased public healthcare expenditures. The Danish Competition Council concludes in a new analysis that change of regulation is needed.

Price competition between hotel-booking portals

11. July 2016

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) has made a random survey of the prices offered on the three large reservation platforms,, and The survey shows that the narrow parity clause implemented in the agreements between the reservation platforms and the hotels, including hotels in Denmark, about a year ago seems to have had an effect.

Planned reorganization of the DanBred system

05. July 2016

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) is investigating the Danish Agriculture and Food Council’s planned reorganization of the DanBred system. The DCCA has initiated its investigations i.a. after having received complaints from several market players.

The Competition Council: Tighten up regulation for public players on commercial markets

26. May 2016

The Danish Competition Council publishes recommendations on how to avoid public commercial activities distorting competition with private businesses on commercial markets.

The Danish Competition Appeals Tribunal confirms that consortia agreement between two road-contractors was illegal

03. May 2016

On 11 April 2016, the Danish Competition Appeals Tribunal upheld a decision by the Danish Competition Council (DCC) of 24 June 2015. The DCC had found that LKF Vejmarkering A/S (“LKF”) and Eurostar Danmark A/S (“Eurostar”) had infringed Section 6 of the Danish Act on Competition and Article 101 TFEU by submitting a joint bid through a consortium in a tender for road marking in Denmark.