Consumer Policy

The Competition and Consumer Authority is continuously working to develop and update consumer policy. Specifically, this is done by assisting the government in realising its ambitions in the consumer area. Information, analysis, facts and dialogue are key words in connection with the ongoing development of consumer policy.

In its daily work, the Competition and Consumer Authority works to develop policies and actions which i.a. increase the transparency of markets and enhance consumer choice.

The Competition and Consumer Authority helps prepare and develop new consumer legislation, and helps ensure that the rules are observed on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, the Competition and Consumer Authority serves the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs in connection with speeches and parliamentary and committee matters.

In order to remain constantly updated and involved in what is happening in the consumer field, the authority is in ongoing dialogue with consumers, companies, other authorities and institutions at both national and international level. The authority also participates in relevant forums and committees in the consumer field.