Consumer policy

International cooperation on consumer issues

The Danish Competition- and Consumer Authority work to promote good consumer condition in the European markets. We participate in different international fora and other networks to further the Danish government's key priorities in the field of consumer conditions and to gather new knowledge about the latest trends and developments.

Within the EU the Competition- and Consumer Authority participates in working groups as regards new initiatives from the Commission. Furthermore we participate in the CPN group (Consumer Policy Network), which has been established by the Commission and where all the Member states are represented. This network meets four times a year to have a dialogue about current consumer political issues and new initiatives from the Commission. We also participate in CFPC (Consumer Financial Programme Committee), which functions as advisors for the Commission work programme in the field of consumer issues. All Member states are represented in this group.


The Competition – and Consumer Authority also participates in the OECD committee on Consumer Policy (CCP). This forum addresses cross-border consumer political issues such as the financial crisis, sustainable development, challenges springing from the digitalisation and globalisation of consumption as well as classic product safety. The forum shares best practice and exchanges knowledge on developments. The Competition- and Consumer Authority participates in the meetings and furthermore plays an active role in making the Danish angle on consumer policy clear in this international context.

Nordic Consumer cooperation

An informal working group at the civil servant level has been established within the Nordics (NORDKONS). This group works together on issues relating to consumer protection and we have a very active role here. The work focus on coordinating and strengthening the Nordic countries opportunity to influence the international consumer political agenda and coming initiatives – especially within the EU. The forum furthermore creates a very good platform for sharing knowledge and experiences between countries that have much in common.


An independent public authority which supervises compliance with the Danish Marketing Act.