Consumer Issues

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority are responsible for enforcing a number of consumer protection laws. The Authority supports the interaction between consumers and businesses in order to make markets work well and to create growth and high consumer welfare.

The Authority contributes to the development of new consumer policy and regulation, considers consumer complaints, analyses markets and communicates information regarding consumers to both consumers and businesses.

European consumer centre denmark

The European Consumer Centre Denmark can help you out if you encounter problems with a purchase made with a trader in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

danish consumer ombudsman

An independent public authority which supervises compliance with the Danish Marketing Act.

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Behavioural consumer regulation

22. November 2018

The government’s consumer policy strategy – Consumer in a digital world – has a strong focus on how rules and legal requirements affect both businesses and consumers in the new digital reality. The strategy has prompted the Competition and Consumer Authority to review all consumer-related legislation from a behavioural perspective.

The danish marketing practices act has been given a complete overhaul and is now more user-friendly

22. August 2018

The Danish Marketing Practices Act has been given a complete overhaul, which makes it consistent with EU regulations. The new Act has been made more comprehensible for both businesses and consumers, and helps to reduce administrative burdens for businesses. The Danish Marketing Practices Act supports good, uniform consumer conditions and is technology neutral and therefore agile with regard technological developments. The Act comes into force on 1 July 2017.

Development of an efficient consumer complaints system

16. August 2018

In 2015, Denmark implemented a new system for handling consumer complaints. Unlike before, the system focuses on mediation, with both companies and consumers involved in finding a solution to their dispute.

Consumer behaviour in the dentistry market

10. February 2017

The market for dentistry services is regulated, and market prices play a limited role in consumers' choice of dentist. At the same time, the market is relatively large. In 2013, approximately DKK 8 billion was spent on dentistry services in Denmark, of which DKK 5.4 billion was spent on adult dental care.

Children must learn about hidden advertising on social media

22. June 2017

Children's use of social media has exploded in recent years, and their media consumption takes place on smartphones and tablets. This often leaves them alone with a large proportion of the advertising messages to which they are exposed. The Social Star teaching material is therefore intended to teach 5th-7th graders about bidden advertising on social media.

The Payment Card Market 2016

27. April 2016

The use of payment instruments is important for the economy because flexible and cashless payment methods help create good conditions for growth and prosperity.

Instant Cash Loan

20. May 2015

The instant cash loan market is growing, but the statistical coverage of the market is limited. This means that the debate is often based on opinions and individual accounts from companies, debt counsellors, interest groups or consumers themselves. On that basis, the Competition and Consumer Agency, as the secretariat of the Competition Council, has prepared this analysis.

The future of retail

10. April 2014

In January 2013, the Competition and Consumer Authority launched this analysis of the future of retail. The analysis arose from the competition-policy proposal from October 2012. The purpose of the analysis is i.a. to examine whether the current framework sufficiently supports retail players being able to act in ways which increase competition and productivity in the sector.