Danish Competition Council approves that the Superliga media rights can be put out to tender before time

The Danish Competition Council has assessed a request from the Associ-ation of Danish League Clubs (“ADLC”) to be able to hold the forthcoming tender for the Superliga media rights before time.

The Danish Competition Council has decided that the media rights for the Danish league football may be put up for tender at the earliest six months after the ADLC has informed potential bidders about the tender. The decision assures that both current right holders and possible new bidders have sufficient time to prepare their bids for the upcoming tender.

The ADLC had requested a dispensation to complete the procurement of media rights before 1st of March 2019.

The Danish Competition Council must approve the ADLC’s request for an early tender of the media rights because the ADLC has offered binding commitments which state that the tender for the Superliga media rights may at the earliest be held 1½ years before the contract period begins. Without the dispensation, the next tender could be held in January 2020.

The commitments were offered by the ADLC in 2007 and again in 2014 in order to accommodate concerns of the Danish Competition Council related to the fact that the joint sale reduces the separate Superliga clubs to a single market player on the supply side. Consequently, downstream parties only have one supplier of media rights to the Danish Superliga and they can only buy the rights at terms and prices set by the ADLC.

The media rights for the Superliga are among the most expensive sport rights in Denmark. NENT (formerly MTG) and Discovery have the rights to live matches until the next tender while DR has the rights to television highlights and radio.