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Press releases


Gå til More recycling will support well-functioning markets in the Nordic countries

29. February 2016

There are significant differences in the structure and regulation of the waste management sectors across the Nordic countries. In all the Nordic countries, better regulation of the waste management sector can create socioeconomic benefits, including lower costs for households. This is concluded by a report on competition in the Nordic waste markets, which the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has prepared together with the other Nordic competition authorities.

Gå til Home accepts multi-million fine in competition case

16. February 2016

Estate agency chain Home A/S has agreed to pay a fine of DKK 3.75 million for its contribution to the boycott of housing portal A personal fine has also been accepted in the case.

Gå til Overall effort to contribute to improved supply

07. January 2016

Together with a number of other organisations, the Competition and Consumer Authority is publishing a guideline on better and cheaper public procurement.

Gå til The OECD recommends improvements in framework and procedures for Danish competition cases

17. October 2015

A very thorough examination of Danish competition policy and of the work of the Danish competition authorities has resulted in recognition of the authority and in recommendations concerning the Danish Competition Act.

Gå til New study on the competition on public procurement through central framework agreements

16. April 2015

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s (DCCA) study on public procurement through central framework agreements shows that in most cases, there was a basis for effective competition to be awarded a contract under a central framework agreement. However, on every sixth agreement agreements, all tenderers were eventually awarded contracts.

Gå til Competition analysis of “Betalingsservice”, a Danish direct debit product

24. June 2014

The Danish direct debit product, Betalingsservice, is one of the best -known payment solutions in Denmark. Betalingsservice was launched in 1974 by PBS (now Nets Holding) and 95 % of households are using the product. In 2012 more than 16,500 businesses, public authorities and associations (creditors) carried out 195 billion payments using Betalingsservice.

Gå til Denmark: ”Immunity in a cartel case granted for the first time”

07. March 2014

An undertaking and a natural person in the cleaning industry has been granted immunity from sanctions in a cartel case for the disclosure of information regarding the cartel. It is the first time that the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International crime has granted immunity under the Danish leniency program.

Gå til Expensive to send small consignments in Denmark

27. September 2013

The Danish list prices for sending small consignments are higher in Denmark than in the countries around us. At the same time competition on delivery of the consignments has intensified the recent years.

Gå til Merger fees

25. June 2013

The Danish Parliament has adopted changes to the Danish Competition Act which means that from 1st August 2013 merger fees are payable for merger notifications submitted to the Competition and Consumer Authority.

Gå til SME-participation in public procurement

07. May 2013

This report examines to what extent small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) participate when the Danish public sector contracts out publicly provided services. In addition to this, the report looks into what barriers that limits SME participation and what kind of initiatives that can reduce such barriers.