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Press releases


Denmark: ”Immunity in a cartel case granted for the first time”

07. March 2014

An undertaking and a natural person in the cleaning industry has been granted immunity from sanctions in a cartel case for the disclosure of information regarding the cartel. It is the first time that the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International crime has granted immunity under the Danish leniency program.

Expensive to send small consignments in Denmark

27. September 2013

The Danish list prices for sending small consignments are higher in Denmark than in the countries around us. At the same time competition on delivery of the consignments has intensified the recent years.

Merger fees

25. June 2013

The Danish Parliament has adopted changes to the Danish Competition Act which means that from 1st August 2013 merger fees are payable for merger notifications submitted to the Competition and Consumer Authority.

SME-participation in public procurement

07. May 2013

This report examines to what extent small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) participate when the Danish public sector contracts out publicly provided services. In addition to this, the report looks into what barriers that limits SME participation and what kind of initiatives that can reduce such barriers.

Competition in the Danish retail banking market

10. April 2013

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) has published a report investigating competition on the Danish retail banking market.

Introduction of imprisonment in cartel cases in the Danish Competition Act

05. March 2013

On 1st March 2013, a new Danish Competition Act (Consolidated Act No. 23 of 17 January 2013) came into force. It amended the legal framework for sanctions as follows:

Danish Competition and Consumer Authority launches new strategy

16. January 2013

The new strategy "Visible effect in the markets" sets a clear direction for the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's work until 2016.

Organisation Chart

16. January 2013

Non-transparent markets make switching difficult

22. November 2012

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has published a report on mobile phone subscribers and insurance customers’ switch of service providers. The main conclusions are: