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Press releases


New point of entry for the processing of merger cases

22. December 2016

From 1 January 2017, a new unit in the Competition and Consumer Authority will be the point of entry for all merger cases.

Nykredit’s commitment extended by up to six months

21. December 2016

Nykredit has asked the Competition Council to reassess the commitment regarding a cap on administration margin, which the company made when merging with Totalkredit in 2003. Until a decision is made, the Competition Council has extended Nykredit’s temporary commitment – subject to a maximum of six months.

Still great potential for more public tenders

20. December 2016

Last year, the state, regions and municipalities put out tenders for 25.7 percent of the contracts for which it is possible to create competition. In recent years, that number has increased by approximately 1 percent per year, but the potential to create further competition for public procurement is still huge.

Furniture wholesaler fined DKK 600,000 for Competition Law breach

15. December 2016

The city Court in Holstebro has fined the furniture wholesaler Canett Furniture A/S DKK 600,000 for infringing the Danish Competition Act’s prohibition on resale price maintenance.

Construction cartel ends in withdrawal of charges

07. December 2016

Contractor Julius Nielsen & Søn has seen the charges brought against it for its participation in the complex of cases regarding the Greater Copenhagen building cartels withdrawn. The complex of cases is thus closed. In total, 25 companies and 21 senior executives have paid fines totalling DKK 31 million in the cases.

Opel Danmark pays fine of DKK 8.25 million

08. November 2016

Opel Danmark A/S has entered into a settlement and accepted to pay a fine of DKK 8.25 million for infringing the Danish Competition Act. The company instructed its dealers to sell used leasing, rental and demo cars at fixed prices.

Listen your way to a better understanding of well-functioning markets

02. November 2016

It can be hard to find the time to read technical literature on, for example, what well-functioning markets are and why we need the Danish Competition Act. But now you can listen your way to a better understanding via podcasts while driving your car, cooking or perhaps taking a run.

Danish Competion Council: Serious problems on the market for medicines to pharmacies

14. October 2016

Two wholesalers account for almost all medicine to pharmacies. New wholesalers have failed to establish a foothold in the market and the competition on price among wholesalers appears to be is suspended. This entails higher prices and increased public healthcare expenditures. The Danish Competition Council concludes in a new analysis that change of regulation is needed.

New organisation in the Competition and Consumer Authority

06. October 2016

The Competition and Consumer Authority is to set up a Consumer Policy Centre and a new merger unit. At the same time, the competition law work is to be strengthened. The organisational changes will be complete by the end of the year.

Elsam imposed excessive pricing on the wholesale market for electricity in Western Denmark

30. August 2016

The Maritime and Commercial Court has just ruled that Elsam - now part of DONG Energy - infringed the Danish Competition Act by imposing excessive pricing for electricity in Western Denmark. Thus, the court upholds the Competition Council's 2007 decision in the case.