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The Betalingsservice direct debit service

The Betalingsservice direct debit service is one of the most well-known payment solutions in Denmark. Betalingsservice was launched in 1974 by PBS (now Nets) and is currently used by 95 percent of all Danish households. In 2012, around 16,500 companies, public authorities and associations (e.g. creditors) carried out 195 million transactions via Betalingsservice.

In general terms, the form of payment, which Betalingsservice comprises, is called a "direct debit", with the payment initiated by the creditor. Direct debits are often particularly useful for payments with an ongoing agreement between customer and creditor. In comparison to other direct debit solutions, such as automatic card payment, Betalingsservice has a number of advantages, and Betalingsservice is the most widely used direct debit product in Denmark.

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