Another company has been fined for cartel co-operation

The company, Nye Visioner v/Søren Dybdal, has admitted to having infringed the competition law’s prohibition against anti-competitive agreements. The Danish Competition Council has issued a fine to the company for the infringement. The fine is the fifth fine regarding cartel cooperation within the business concept Nye Visioner.

The company, Nye Visioner v/Søren Dybdal, has accepted a fine of 90.000 DKK for having entered into agreements on pricing and sharing of costumers within the business concept Nye Visioner. The infringement has taken place within the period of June 2013 to April 2021.

The concept Nye Visioner encompasses among other things courses within personal planning and efficiency, meeting management, stress prevention and management training. In return for a commission, Nye Visioner v/Søren Dybdal has made the concept available to a number of companies that then have become partners in ‘Nye Visioner’.

Nye Visioner v/Søren Dybdal has played a leading role in establishing and running the cooperation within Nye Visioner. Furthermore, the company has encouraged the infringement by annually sending out revised prices to partners in ‘Nye Visioner’, to which the partners could provide input.

Earlier this year, four former partners in the same case complex admitted to having entered into illegal agreements on prices and sharing of customers within the business concept Nye Visioner. The companies accepted fines of DKK 10.000-90.000 for their part in the infringement.

All five fines in the case are limited by the fact that the fine cannot exceed 10 percent of each undertaking’s net turnover. In addition, in all five cases, cooperation rebates have been granted, among other things because the partners have immediately acknowledged that they have violated the competition rules and have co-operated on the investigation and decision of the case.

The Competition and Consumer Authority continues to investigate whether more companies are part of illegal agreements within the business concept Nye Visioner. If the investigations lead to a decision from the Danish Competition Council, or to the Danish Competition Council issuing more fines, this will be published.

For further information

Contact head of communications at the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Hanne Arentoft, by phone 41 71 50 98.