Competition case on market sharing ends with immunity to leniency applicant

The charge against an Electrician Company has been withdrawn in a case where the undertaking had agreed to divide the market with a competitor. The undertaking was the first to apply for leniency and has since then collaborated with the authorities on the investigation of the case.

The State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK) has decided to withdraw the charges on the undertaking RPT– af 1/3 2018 A/S (formerly Findan El-anlæg A/S) in a case regarding an
infringement of the Danish Competition Act.

In November 2017, the undertaking applied for leniency to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority concerning an agreement on illegal market sharing with the competitor Sydkystens Automatik P/S. The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority handed over the case to SØIK in January 2018.

RPT– af 1/3 2018 A/S had its charges withdrawn because the undertaking was the first leniency applicant. In addition, the undertaking and its representatives have cooperated fully with the authorities throughout the

The other party to the agreement, Sydkystens Automatik, was fined DKK 400,000 in the Danish Eastern High Court in September 2021.

Read the judgment here (in Danish)