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Denmark: Demolition Company fined DKK 5 million in bid rigging case

18. February 2019

The City Court of Hillerød has fined the demolition company CMP Nedrivning ApS DKK 5 million for exchanging prices with competing demolition companies in 11 cases. Moreover, the City Court fined two members of the company’s management each DKK 125,000.

The City Court of Hillerød found that the company CMP Nedrivning ApS has coordinated bids with competitors in 11 cases in the period from September 2011 to October 2013. The City Court imposed a fine of DKK 5 million (€ 670.175) on CMP Nedrivning ApS as well as DKK 125,000 (€ 16.754) on each of the two members of the management. One of the members participated in all 11 violations, while the other member participated in five of the cases.

The violations include bids regarding both public and private customers, where the majority of the cases occurred in Copenhagen and the area north of Copenhagen.

The case is part of a case complex with several demolition companies. In autumn 2015, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority conducted inspections at a number of companies in the demolition industry. Based on these inspections and further investigation, the Danish Competition Council decided to hand over the case to the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime in April 2016. The State Prosecutor investigated the cases and initiated criminal proceedings.

In the case complex, a number of companies are accused of bid coordination in the period from May 2011 to October 2013. In the following months, rulings in the remaining cases in the demolition industry are expected.

For further information contact head of communications at The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Hanne Arentoft, on telephone +45 41 71 50 98.

Read the whole ruling in Danish here.

18. February 2019