New guidance on tax issues in public procurement

21. June 2017

New guidance from the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority clarifies how requirements may be imposed regarding tax issues in connection with procurement and where the boundaries lie within the EU procurement rules.

Danish consumer conditions ranked average in Europe

15. June 2017

Denmark is ranked average when Danish consumers are asked about their experiences with consumer conditions. Among 10 European countries Danish consumer conditions are ranked fifth when looking at 42 markets. Danish consumer conditions are ranked below average in 36 of 42 markets.

Danish Consumer Conditions

15. June 2017

Consumers can help ensure more effective competition if they are active and continuously consider whether they can buy a better or cheaper product from another supplier. Thus, active consumers may also help boost productivity and ensure lower prices in Denmark. Among other things, the consumer’s ability to play an active part and make the right choice depends on whether the market is transparent and whether consumers trust the services they can buy and the suppliers on the market.

Danish Competition Council launches study on the pension market

12. June 2017

Danish Competition Council launches study on the pension market. The Danish pension sector administers around 4.000 bn. DKR and consumer mobility seems very limited. The new study will take in the entire market. This includes both private pensions and collective labour market pensions.

Anti-competitive agreement between Danish manufacturers of roofing membranes

31. May 2017

The Danish Competition Council has decided that the only two Danish manufacturers of roofing membranes; Icopal Danmark ApS (“Icopal”) and Nordic Waterproofing A/S (“NWP”), as well as the two associations Danske Tagpapfabrikanters Brancheforening (“DTB”, in English “Association of Danish Manufactures of Bituminous Waterproofing”) and Tagpapbranchens Oplysningsråd (“TOR”, in English “Danish Roofing Advisory Board) have entered into an agreement and/or concerted practice with the aim to foreclose actual and potential competitors and limit product supply.

Denmark: The Danish Competition Council finds that agreement between service providers on their subscription price for service on natural gas boilers is illegal.

31. May 2017

On November 30 2016, The Danish Competition Council found that HMN Naturgas I/S, DEBRA – Energibranchen, Gastech-Energi A/S and Kiertner ApS have infringed Section 6 of the Danish Competition Act by entering into an agreement which coordinate subscription prices for service on natural gas boilers to end users. The DCC orders the service providers to end the infringement immediately and to refrain from any action having the same or similar object or effect in the future.

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