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Press releases


Gå til New authority benefits consumers and competition

19. August 2010

The merger of the Danish Competition Authority and the Danish Consumer Agency will strengthen both areas for current and future tasks

Gå til New report identifies the Competition Culture

22. June 2010

The Danish Competition Authority has identified and quantified the competition culture in Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. The results are based on empirical data from a qualitative survey among more that two thousands firms and several thousands consumers.

Gå til Competition - growth and prosperity

18. May 2009

Competition – growth and prosperity is the first of a new series of analysis to be published by the Danish Competition Authority. The report summarizes the current knowledge on how competition works and the effects of competition on companies, consumers and the society as a whole.

Gå til Competition in Denmark is slowly improving

16. June 2008

Competition Report 2008 is released today. The Danish Competition Authority takes stock of the Danish competitiveness and focuses on the taxi industry, the pension sector and the retail market for electricity.

Gå til The regulation of chiropractors and physiotherapists prevents efficient and equal competition

On 5 December 2013 the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority published an analysis of the markets of private chiropractors and physiotherapists. The analysis shows that the current regulation of the practice sector on the chiropractor and physiotherapist markets prevents efficient and equal competition between enterprises. It also contributes to a considerable loss to consumers and society.

Gå til The Danish Competition Council advises the Minister of Culture against reintroducing fixed retail prices in the book market

On February 20 2013, The Danish Competition Council (DCC) has sent an open letter to the Minister of Culture in which the DCC advises the Minister of Culture against reintroducing fixed retail prices in the book market. Financial assistance to literature and to the book market can instead be directly targeted any eventual need in the book market.