The Consumer Complaints Board


The Consumer Complaints Board is an independent complaints board which considers consumer complaints related to goods and services purchased from traders.

The Consumer Complaints Board consists of a chairman and consumer and business representatives. The chairman must be a judge by profession and may not have any particular relations to consumer or business organisations. 

The consumer and business representatives are appointed for a four-year term by the Minister for Economic and Business Affairs upon nomination by the relevant organisations. 

The Consumer Agency acts as the secretariat of the Consumer Complaints Board.


The Consumer Complaints Board considers complaints from private consumers related to goods, work and services purchased from traders. The Board does not accept complaints from traders or public authorities or institutions. Consumers may complain of traders only if an action concerning the issues at stake can be brought before the Danish courts against the relevant trader under the general rules of Danish law. 
The Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs has laid down rules on the scope of authority of the Agency. These rules imply that a number of goods and services are exempted from the Agency's scope of authority. 

Moreover, maximum and minimum amounts have been fixed, which means that the price of goods or services must be at least DKK 800, but not exceed DKK 100,000. As to complaints of textiles and shoes, however, the minimum purchase price is DKK 500 and DKK 10,000 for motor vehicles.

Fee for Consumer Complaints

Consideration of complaints by the Board is subject to a fee of DKK 160. If the Board makes a decision in favour of the consumer or the case is settled, or if the complaint is dismissed as irrelevant, the complaint fee will be repaid.

Traders must cover the legal costs incurred by the Consumer Agency in connection with the consideration of a complaint by the Consumer Complaints Board if the consumer complaint is successful or if the complaint is settled.


The Consumer Complaints Board will consider a complaint if the consumer has already attempted in vain to solve the problem with the trader. The Board considers complaints in writing, and the parties are therefore not present at Board meetings. 

Consumers can file complaints online to the Consumer Complaints Board through 'My complaint' (Min sag) at 

The names of traders who fail to comply with decisions made by the Consumer Complaints Board will be published on 'Business Check' (Firmatjek). 'Business Check' is an online list of traders who fail to comply with the decisions of the Consumer Complaints Board. The list is available to consumers at The information on 'Business Check' is available one year from the date of publication. When the name of a business is published, the Board also issues a press release with the names of all registered traders.

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