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The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
You can follow us for news and matters concerning our area of expertise. We mainly communicate in Danish.

News and consumer advice from the consumer site Available in Danish only.


Spokespersons from the DCCA on Twitter

Jakob Hald

Jakob Hald @JakHald
Director General

Mette Rose Skaksen

Mette Rose Skaksen @MSkaksen
Deputy Director General

Bitten Thorgaard

Bitten T. Sørensen @BittenSorensen
Deputy Director General

Jacob Schaumburg-Müller

Jacob Schaumburg-Müller @schaumburg_ml
Deputy Director General

Lars Arent

Lars Arent @LarsArent
Head of European Consumer Center Denmark

Søren Bo Rasmussen

Søren Bo Rasmussen @sorenbor
Head of Media, Telecommunications and Mergers Division

Niels Enemærke

Niels Enemærke @Nielsenemaerke
Head of Market Analysis and Economics Division

Kenneth Skov Jensen

Kenneth Skov Jensen @skovtweet
Head of Public Procurement Division

Hanne Arentoft

Hanne Arentoft @arentofthanne
Head of Communication Division

Flemming Steen @flemmingsteen
Head of Consumer Policy Division

Michael Riis

Michael Riis @riis_mh
Head of Service, IT, Finance and Payment Services Division

Stefan Kobbernagel

Stefan Kobbernagel @ST_Kobbernagel
Head of Investigation and Cartels Division